Autohex II Diagnostic Scan tool

Autohex II Diagnostic Scan Tool has been designed to be you own technical assistant, especially in BMW cars where things were stuck before Autohex II be in market.

Now, Ecu programming and coding, Key Programming, and many other advanced functions became so easy with our new software interface and online services.


We designed Autohex II software to be easy to use by any user. All functions including Ecu programming and BMW ISN manager are easy to operate by any user no matter if he is familer with basics of such functions.


Autohex II Software is rich of advanced functions that you hard to find in other scan tools, Like: BMW Ecu programming, Ecu coding, BMW Key programming, Ecu manual confguration, Ecu Sawpping, and Mileage corrections,…


Autohex II hardware and software comply with all required and some of optional standards in the Automotive industry, SAE J2534-1 and J2534-2 are supported. This will allow our users to extend the usage of Autohex II by running OEM dealers programs.


Autohex II advanced functions are considered as the most safe functions in the Auto industry!
We took a high attention when we made functions like Ecu programming, Key programming and mileage correction.

Autohex II Scan Tool

When you start using Autohex II you will rapidly get used to the framework, all the functions including the special services are self explaining.

Autohex II Diagnostic software

Autohex II hardware (WVCI) includes a built in WI-FI that will let you connect to your laptop wirelessly of a distnace 35 meters, you can do all diagnoses and service functions by Wi-FI safely.

You can run a lot of OEM Diagnostic software by Autohex II hardware (USB and Wireless too) programs link: ISTA/D BMW, Toyota software, GDS Kia and Hyundai software, Consult 3+ Nissan software, HDS Honda software.

Autohex II BMW Software

Autohex II BMW Software is your best choice if you are looking for a total solution for all BMW matters you may face, it combines the Ecu programming, Ecu coding, vehicle order editor, coding editor, BMW ISN Editor, Key programming and more functions.

To know more about these special functions check Autohex II BMW Scan Tool

An example of such functions, below video is a demo showing to how easy is key programming in BMW F series.

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Autohex II BMW Software

Autohex II BMW Scan tool is the best choice among BMW diagnostic tools, All in one Scan tool for BMW Ecu Programming and Coding, ISN Software Read and Write, and BMW Key Programming.

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