BMW Ecu programming is a straight forward procedure with Autohex II scan tool, you can simply select any Ecu to program, Autohex II will do the following in one step:

  • Program the Ecu the latest flash version, this update is calculated based on the FA (Vehicle Order)
  • Code the Ecu to match the configurations of the vehicle, this is also calculated based on Vehicle Order.
  • Change the VIN if it is not matching the car VIN.
  • Perform some important service functions.

BMW Ecu Programming usning Autohex II:

You must be connected to the internet before start using BMW Ecu programming procedure, as Autohex II software will need to download the required data flash from Microtronik server database.

It is important to arrange a good battery booster connected to the car, voltage must remain above 13V during all the programming session, and the laptop must be connected to a charger if the Ecu programming period will take a long time.

BMW Ecus list in F10

After you select Individual Programming from the Autohex II BMW menu, AutoHex II software will start calculating the Ecus flash updates. This may take:

  • Few seconds if the car is E series
  • Few minutes if the car is F series and it is first time to be tested.
  • Few seconds if the car is F series and being tested before.

The results of the Ecus updates will appear eventually on a list describing each Ecu:

  • BMW Hardware Part Number
  • BMW Software Part Number
  • The Status of this Ecu
  • The required Action of this Ecu

The status of the Ecu is very important indication, you may find one of the following possibilities:

  • Update Available: This Ecu is compatible with the stored vehicle order in the car, there is an update for this Ecu.
  • Updated: This Ecu is compatible with the stored vehicle order, no update is required as it has the latest version, you can only codes it.
  • Replace with XXXXXXX: This Ecu is NOT COMPATIBLE, and must be replaced (or swapped by expert mode)
  • Mount XXXXXXX: The Ecu could not be found, it may not responding or it is not mounted (usually you will see BMW Hardware and BMW Software zeros)

Autohex II allows you to jump to next step only if Ecu is compatible, OR marked Replace With if you are in Expert Mode (BMW E series only).

The next step will show Ecu details such current VIN, current Part number, Target part number, and Estimated Required Time for programming.

Once you click on Start, Autohex II will check the conditions like: Car battery voltage, connection method (USB or Wi-Fi), laptop battery status, then it will download required flashing data from server. If all conditions are pass, then will start preparing vehcile for programming, and starts the programming session afterward.