Autohex for BMW Coding and Programming

We are proud to introduce AutoHex II as the most powerful BMW diagnostic scan tool available on the market today.

AutoHex II was designed to fully meet your technical needs on a nearly all the range of BMW models. Nowadays, with the rapid growing of automotive technology, you definitely will need a reliable, powerful scan tool which can simply perform all programming and special functions such as; ECU replacement/update, coding, adaptations, key programming and more.

AutoHex II provides you many crucial services such as the pin code and the online technical support, where both are available in our database library, our directory of most car failure solutions can save you hours of head scratching if you’re struggling to diagnose or correct a problem. In a nutshell the Autohex II will do almost everything your normal diagnostic cannot do !

We dedicated our skills to make the perfect tool considering the tough environment in automotive business, and building a robust structure of software that is capable to serve critical jobs like Ecu programming, Ecu coding, key Programming…

Autohex II was designed to be interactive, easy to understand, safe to be used, and the most important is: rich in the unique features that cannot be found in other scan tools.

Full technical support available 


Autohex HW4 with Hextag - Its all you need.

ETHERNET PROTOCOL (DoIP) –Autohex team have made a big step in this industry by making their device adapt to this mode of transferring data meaning faster coding and programming times.

FEM and BDC Security Unlock – The new hardware is capable of breaking the security in these units and allows to do a set of operations in a fast and secured way. Programming keys, reading ISN, VIN etc.

HexTag Pro –  This wonderful new device will allow you to read CAS2 , CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 and CAS4+. Reading the microprocessors are absolutely safe and decrypting time is done within secondsIt can also read E series FRM modules and repair them by the press of a single button.
Reset used keys.



Autohex II BMW Program is capable to perform Individual Ecu Programming, no matter if VIN is different.


You can use Autohex II manual and auto coding on any Ecu in BMW.


Autohex II is considered as the most powerful tool for reading and writing ISN in BMW DME,DDE and CAS.


Programming a Key for BMW is fully covered by Autohex II, including the case of all keys lost.


Autohex II supports the full range of BMW Ecus for reading/erasing faults codes, live data, actuations, and major service functions.


Autohex II hardware (WVCI) is compatible with most of OEM software tools, mainly ISTA/D.


If you are based in the UK then you may be eligible for finance. If you are interested then contact us so we can arrange a no hassle no obligation quotation.

Autohex II HW4 Products


Autohex II HW4 BMW Full Package

£4,411.76 Including VAT = £5,294.11

Product Code: AHX0005HW4

Siutable for: BMW Technicians who are looking for a tool that can do everything possible in BMW cars

Price: USD 5850.00

Availablity: In Stock, Immediate delivery

Autohex II HW4 and full functions available in BMW from ISN read write to key programming and BMW Ecu programming and coding


Autohex II HW4 Locksmith Package

£3,695.32 Including VAT = £4,434.38

Product Code: AHX0003

Siutable for: BMW Locksmith Technician who is looking to have a total solution for BMW keys programming

Price: USD 4900.00

Autohex II HW4 and all required features needed to program BMW keys for E and F series, solving all cases including all keys lost


Autohex II HW4 Professional Programming

£3,770.74 Including VAT = £4,524.89

Product Code: AHX0004HW

Siutable for: BMW Technicians who are looking for a reliable tool that solve all their Ecu programming and coding problems they may face

Price: USD 5000.00

Autohex II HW4 and all required features needed to change/swap any Ecu (DME, DDE, CAS, KOMBI, DSC,EGS,…) in any BMW model.

Software News


HexProg Software Version 1.0.46

This release supports the Boot Assist Module for MPC5XXX (BAM), this will bring more demanded ecus/tcus to the supported list of Hexprog. Abarth Marelli 8GMF MPC5565 ECU Alfa Romeo Magneti 8GMF MPC5565 Alfa Romeo Bosch ME7.3.2 ST10C167 Alfa Romeo Bosch ME7.3.2, ME7.1.1 ST10C167 Alfa Romeo Bosch MED7.6.1 ST10F275 Alfa Romeo Magneti MJ8DF MPC5565 Chevrolet ACDelco E83…

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HexProg Software Version 1.0.45

A new Ecus family has been added to the supported list of Hexprog, this update brings the Ecus equipped with Renesas SH725 series. Hexprog will support these Ecus mainly using boot mode (Jtag connection) and many of these Ecus will be supported in factory mode. Abarth: Bosch ME7.9.10 Audi: TCU Temic DQ200 MQB, Continental Simos…

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HexProg Software Version 1.0.43

This update brings more TCUs to Hexprog supported list, we are adding some of TEMIC TCUs for VAG in this release like DQ200, DL382 and VL381, as well as one of the most wanted TCUs, it is BMW EGS in E70 series. BMW ZF 8HP45 has been added in this version in factory mode: read, write…

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Autohex Work Blog

Autohex HW4

The Autohex HW4 is launching this month. Features include : ETHERNET PROTOCOL (DoIP) FEM and BDC Security Unlock

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BMW 118i MSD81 Ecu Swap

Got a water damaged DME. Client supplied a used ecu with same part number , including the CAS3 and key. This ecu has a tricore processor, extracting the ISN was done on the bench using Autohex. Once the ISN was extracted from the DME the file was saved , it was written to the CAS3.…

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BMW F20 Instrument Cluster Restore

Got a F20 and the instrument cluster was damaged due to being tampered. Used Autohex to program the latest software back to the cluster. After programming it coded the instrument cluster. The cluster came back to life immediately, all functions were tested and worked fine.

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