Company Name: BimmerScan
Contact: Bryce Osborne

Address: 23502 Commerce Center dr, laguna hills ca
TEL: (949) 306-5184
Country: United States

A must have tool! If you do BMW repair this tool will definitely pay for itself in a matter of months. There are many revenue streams available to you with this tool, keys, ecu swaps to name a few. We reached out to transmission shops for isn matching on their tranny swaps and within a week received our first 2 jobs. We reached out on forums on DME swaps and received 4 within a couple of weeks, with more in the hopper. We contacted BMW shops in the area to let them know about our new founded abilities. We are now known by shops and customers as being able to do just about anything on a BMW, a real credibility tool. Customer support is top notch, as with any new tool there is a learning curve but these guys make it simple. They remote in if needed to walk you through a new process, provide you with files and answer your questions fast. As with any technology based tool, technology changes, this team is quick to respond with updates and added functionality. It truly is the goose that lays the golden eggs!

Company Name: DUDMD Automotive
Contact: Dmitriy G

Address: 3223 C St NE Unit 3
Auburn, WA 98002
Country: United States

Autohex II is one of my favorite tools in the shop. It’s very simple and easy to use, very constantly updated and more features added, which is a very good thing in my book. Customer support responds very quickly and will often connect remotely right away to trouble shoot any issues you’re having. We run a BMW repair and tuning shop, there’s no other tool I would use to perform ECU replacements in most newer BMWs, Autohex II makes it quick and easy. Many specialized software functions that are not available by any other software/tool, especially not available in the dealership software like ISTA.

Company Name: German Excellence
Contact: Abdulhadi Bilal

Address: M-23 Industrial Musafah
Abu Dhabi
TE:: 0503216173
Country: United Arab Emirates

Start of 2014 I heard about Autohex II was doing well in ISN , Key programming and Ecu programming, I thought it is yet another BMW tool that can do one feature and fails in 10 it claims. Later on August 2014, I had a chance to test it on E90 with a damaged DME MSD81…, It did the job in 15 minutes. That times no solution for these modules. My workshop has all types of scan tools (Everything you know and you don’t know), I know all in out of these tools, nothing you can imagine I am not aware about. But Autohex II just IMPOREESED ME in every feature it has, the people who make it, they know really what we repair shops want. In German Excellence we use our two Autohex II units almost for everything related to BMW from programming, Ecu swapping, DME changing, CAS changing, to key programming.

Company Name: TACT Automotriz
Contact: Salvador Tiscareno

Address: Av. Transportistas #802, Col. Rinconada del Bosque.
León, Guanajuato
Office: +52- 477-119-2982
Mob: +52- 477-394-7659
Country: Mexico

We used to work with OEM diagnostic tools and many restrictions have working on vehicle even having original testers ISTAP, ISTAD or GDS, definitelly Autohex II is a must tool in your automotive workshop. Coding and programming a piece of cake. Testing completed succesfull coding, programming and ISN syncronizing even with long ISN (SK): MSV80, MSV81, MEDV17.2, MEV17.2, MSV70, CAS2, CAS3 and 3+. SZL adaptation and basic setting. DSC coding and bassic setting, this is few description what you could do with this tool.

Company Name: AutoEstima
Contact: Francisco Estima

Address: Rua do Lugar, Piedade – Agueda
3750 – 406 Aveiro
phone: +351917305864
Country: Portugal

Conheci esta ferramenta num forum de um amigo , fiquei logo apaixonado e pensei para mim ! eu tenho qeu ter uma ferramenta como esta , perguntei a varios amigos que ja tinham , e todos me disseram maravilhas dela . contatei a Micro-tronik e logo de imediato o suporte foi fantastico , rapido e eficaz…. tenho usado esta ferramenta quase todos os dias , so tenho a dizer bem dela. É bastante rapida , eficaz e nunca me deixou uma unidade pendurada . Para quem trabalha com eletronica sabe bem as dores de cabeça que é , quando ficamos pendurados . Quando tenho problemas ou duvidas , contato de imediato a micro-tronik e rapidamente resolvem o meu problema. Estao constatemente a fazer updates e a melhorar , o que é otimo. Tenho varias ferramentas , mas esta , para mim é sem duvida a melhor. Obrigado e continuem assim.

Company Name: Shinyo Service Inc.
Contact: John Chen

Address: NO.111-3 Chung San South Road
Yong Kong District(710) , Tainan City
TEL: +886-6-2040329
Country: Taiwan

A great device and powerful functions, more functions and full flash programming server , a special feature is that can get or update any ECU flash program from AUTOHEX sever , even the ECU has lost flash while programming it. I did experience the case , a day while I was programmin a E60 on DME flash , then the DME damaged because I lost the power of my pc , then I restarted my pc with full power to resume the job on DME flash programming again , every thing went to be good and working , the car was able to crank and started , so the device is completely suitable to locksmiths and diagnostic workers on vehicles

Company Name: Chengdu broadcom crown reaches electronic tech
Contact: Fu Qiwu

Address: chengdushi wuhouqu shuangliuxina bai jia zhen
bai jia che guan suo da men
Office: +86 (028) 85758537
Mob: +86 13808215322
Country: China

Having a AUTOHEX II BMW software is like wearing a magic cloak! Let me show you how special it is. It gives you: Basic diagnostic scan, individual programming and coding, above all, the awesome part is–you can use it for programming any time and any where with access to internet or even mobile hotspot, and it is far more simpler than the BMW engineer software. Remote key learning for all versions from CAS 2 to CAS 4+, adding smart key and supporting the case when all keys lost. ISN reading from MSV80, MSD85, N55 and N20, which is the most representative feature;
Matching VIN for E series flood damaged cars with replaced ECUs. Replacing second hand ECUs without getting the ECU circuit board open. CAS data loss recovery, which outweighs other tools. AUTOHEX II is the best tool ever, and a must-have for locksmiths and repairmen. With AUTOHEX II, you are a true engineer.

Company Name: Mobile Auto Diagnostics
Contact: Gerry Marson

Address: unit 1/121 Newton Rd Wetherill Park
NSW 2164 Sydney
Phone: (Gerry) 0403 147717 ,(Joe) 0412 866007
Country: Australia

Using the autohex scanner has been a savoir to our business as European diagnostic specialists. The autohex allows us to carry out all the coding and programming needed to fully repair all aspects of BMW. It is one of the best scanners that we use and it is very reliable and friendly to use, its capability in BMW is more advanced that the factory tool and other aftermarket tools on the market. The capability to bring used controls modules into service with cip programming is great. The updates are good and backup from microtronik is one of the best. Keep up the good work and looking forward for any other future European maker to be added to the autohex range. Cheerrs Gerry Marson

Contact: Kiril Popov

Address: 14394 Germain st
Mission Hills, CA 91345
Tel (818) 397-2539
Country: United States

I have been working on BMW and Mercedes as independent tech for over 20 years and specializing in the diagnostics and electronics repair for the last 7. I got proficient with ISTA and BMW coding tools, but some things are taking too long to do and some things of course can’t be done with the original tools. As I am mobile service, time is of a huge importance to me. I have tried other tools like Autohex II, but they are lacking functions and most importantly, tech support. No tool is perfect, original or aftermarket, but when it offers a real tech support that makes life much easier. And this is where Autohex II shines, the support. Although my time difference with their base site is almost 12 hours, they have went out of their way to help me in hours convenient for me. Unlike other companies, where I have to stay up all night and sometimes I don’t even get the attention that I need. Autohex II team is always addressing the problems and with every new update the tool gets better and better. In a few words, I am pretty happy with my Autohex II ownership for almost a year, it makes my work less complicated and jobs are finished much quicker and without problems. Before I bought it, I was not so sure if it is the right choice, but if I have to choose again today, I will still buy Authohex II

Company Name: DiagAutoSystems
Contact: Marcio

Address: 16 Rue des Perdrix
94520 Mandres-les-Roses
Country: France

Bonjour a tous, Je pense etre l’un des premier uttilisateur en France de cet outils, j ai appris a le connaitre au fil du temps il ma sauver la vie plus d’une fois, il est le seul outils actuellement capable de sauver un CAS qui a les données corrompue. Il est capable de mettre a jour n’importe quel boitier, il a la possibiliter de changer un CAS par un CAS d’occasion programmer les clé mais aussi les CODES ISN de l ECU Moteur, Boite de vitesse, ou encore le CAS. Cet outils est chaque jour qui passe en cour d’élaboration et modernisation. Les Ingenieurs sont a l’ecoute et pret a n’importe quel moment a faire innover le Software en fonction des idées apporter. Notre équipe est disponible a vous accueillir dans nos atellier a fin de vous montrer la puissance de AUTOHEX.

Company Name: Gp Motorworks
Contact: Paul Delaney

Address: Mondello Rd Stickens
Caragh Co Kildare
Mobile: +353876794545
Country: Ireland

Where do i start to describe this special tool. Like many i was a bit unsure about the autohex ii as i had only read about the features of autohex ii from forums. So i decided to visit a distributor and see the tool in person and use it for myself and all i can say from my experience it does exactly was you have all read about and more.I am a BMW Master tech that works for my self now and i have used all the tools you can think of Ista-d Ista-p,Bmw engineer tools, competitors tool, and they don’t come close to how fast and precise the autohex is to use . Coding and programming is a piece of cake. It is all automated and is true expert mode. From coding to programming and ISN syncronizing lt does it all, if you are a Bmw specialist this is the only tool you will need. It is constantly being updated and developed unlike some other tools on the market. It also has a key making feature which again is automated and very easy to use. The support is also fantastic the Guys are very well in tune with bmw and are very clever and can help with any issue you come in to when using the tool.

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